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Nokia C5-00 - 360 Animation by Ramonsk8

/ ©2010-2016 Ramonsk8
I recently made a low-poly model of the new Nokia C5-00 Mobile Phone. The interactive file can be seen on a number of mobile company websites, of which I shall show you 2 links.

T-Mobile Austria: [link]

Vodafone D2: [link]

The model has around 5200 poly's. My limit was 7000, so I did pretty good. After it was finished for 3Dimerce, I continued with the model and gave it some materials. I then rendered the 360-animation, which can be seen right here. I hope it works, and that the animation keeps looping. If there are any flaws, I'll make sure the fully working will soon be displayed on my website: [link]

Seeya ;)
GijsWitkamp Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010  Student Digital Artist
5200 for a cellphone isn't that low poly dude xD that's like almost as much as a low poly next gen CHARACTER xD
anyway, it looks cool, although it doesn't really seem that realistic O: but then again ;D practice makes perfect C: (kzou het je niet iig zo gauw nadoen :U)
Ramonsk8 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
Tjah 3Dimerce called it lowpoly :D Concidering that their high poly models go way over millions of poly's. COmpared to that, 7000 sounds really low-poly XD Aniway it's an interactive model :)

Tyty, indeed it doesn't look that realistic, but it definitely gives the user a good idea of what the phone looks like. I could make a high-poly model, give it more advanced materials and add reflections and stuff as I did with the laptop, but I'm entirely not in the mood for that haha XD I'm happy with the way it looks now :)

Practice makes perfect indeed :D
GijsWitkamp Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010  Student Digital Artist
haha yeah okay that's true xD (scheelt denk ik ook nogal of het voor games is of voor showcasing he ;p haha)

ik zou ook echt gek worden van die materials dude xD geef mij maar een superlowpoly ding en ik paint er alles op xD
maar dat... nee ik zou der echt gek van worden xD faal ik zoooo hard in he.

achja C: keep it omhoog dudert ;D
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July 22, 2010
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